The Greater Good Challenge 2021

Improve the social, economic, political, technological and environmental conditions of mankind, societies and the planet in the time of COVID-19 and beyond.


Through the generous support and collaboration of the Beba Foundation, Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies welcomes students and alumni to join ‘The Greater Good Challenge’ business pitch competition. The competition aims to provide a platform to introduce innovative business solutions addressing current global and societal needs. 

Timeline                      Categories                      Evaluation Criteria

Beba Foundation

The Beba Innovation and Entrepreneurship Foundation was founded in 2018 by Prof. Ali Beba and Umran Beba with a mission to create passion, ignite enthusiasm and to prepare mindsets of innovative youth and female entrepreneurs. The key pillars to achieve this were identified as implementing continuous educational and training activities, mentorship and outreach programs. Our goal is to assist innovative youth and aspiring women entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into applications, commercial products and/or services for global markets. Our motto is "make it happen!" You can reach us at and


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$ 14,000

cash prize for the winning team


$ 7,000

cash prize for the runner-up team


$ 3,000

cash prize for the third-placed team


$ 1,000

cash prize for the team selected by the audience