The Greater Good Challenge

Improve the social, economic, political, technological and environmental conditions of mankind, societies and the planet in the time of COVID-19 and beyond.

Evaluation Criteria

Criteria 1-5 will be the framework that judges will use to evaluate your submission proposal resulting in the selection of final teams. Criteria 1-6 will be the framework to evaluate final team presentations resulting in the selection of challenge winners.

1. Value Created by the New Product or Service

◆   What is the new and unique value of product/service?


◆   What needs/wants are you trying to satisfy?


◆   How important is this product/service to customers and other stakeholders?


◆   Provide your validation process for product-market fit and your plans for customer development.


2. Attractiveness of Market Opportunity

◆   How large is the market and how fast is it growing?

◆   What is your market entry strategy?


◆   Can the product/service be successfully monetized?


◆   Is the business model both realistic and viable over the short-term?


◆   Is the product/service scalable?

3. Competitive Advantage of the Proposed Venture

◆   Are barriers to entry identified?


◆   How are you positioning your product/service in relation to competitors?


◆   Is the product/service favorably positioned in the distribution channel?


◆   Can this product/service be a leader in its market?


◆   How long will it take you to get to market?

4. Operational & Technical Viability


◆   How will the product or service be produced and delivered to customers? 


◆   What are the distribution channels? 


◆   Is any intellectual property essential to success? 


◆   How will rights to intellectual property be secured? 


◆   Are there regulatory hurdles? 


◆   How long will it take to develop the property? 


◆   Are key milestones identified?

5. Capital Requirements and Financial Forecast


◆   How will you use the seed money? 


◆   What are your fixed, variable, periodic expenses? 


◆   Is any intellectual property essential to success? 


◆   Is the investment required all at once or can it be staged? 


◆   How will you sustain your business for the long-term and who are your long-term supporters?

6. Presentation Delivery


◆   How is your spoken language clear and easily understood?


◆   How well do you use tone, speed, and volume as tools?


◆   Do you engage the audience with interesting, well-constructed content? 


◆   Did the slides enhance the presentation - were they clear, concise, and compelling?


◆   Did the presenters offer well-prepared responses during Q&A?


Note: The judging criteria are based on the Johns Hopkins University Business Plan Competition model.